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Elite Quality Lessons That Are Actually Affordable

Save Money 

  • Save Time

  • Save Strokes

Not Seeing The Results You Want?

There's a growing problem...

  •  Golf is too expensive. ​
  • Your swing is easier to fix than the industry wants you to believe.  
  • Free videos are hurting you more than helping you

You're Wasting Time and Money!

Becoming better at golf is simple.

Playing your best golf can feel like a massive burden.  It can be expensive, time consuming, and really confusing.  But, it doesn't have to be.  With PureGolf, you'll receive your affordable practice plan and start shooting lower scores!

Everything you need to effectively lower golf scores .

How It Works



Purchase your plan type, and we will create a profile for your to book your analysis time.  



Upon meeting with us, we analyze your swing, course management and practice habits.  Then, we form a plan tailored entirely to you!



Once you practice according to your plan, you'll start shooting lower, more consistent scores.

Getting Lessons Is Affordable.

Hourly Lessons


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Up To 4 lessons/month

Annual Lessons


1 Lesson Every Week For 52 Weeks

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We don't just care about your swing.

We care about you

More than 10,000 strokes saved

Thousands of dollars saved

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