Finally, A Golf Program Made Just For You



LoLocated in Kennesaw, Georgia, we are thrilled to open our doors to the public and begin giving lessons in person.  

Come give us a visit, and we will be happy to start working with you on your journey towards longer, straighter shots!


Golf is expensive enough.  We've created a cost-friendly, totally unique online academy that is built for you.

Just because you can't make it to us in-person doesn't mean we can't give you a high quality lesson online.  

Live a Pure Life


PureGolf Enterprises has partnered with professionals at the top of their field to provide you with sources of information in nutrition, exercise, and emotional health.  Our goal is to not only assist you with your golf game, but more importantly, to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


53,000 SWINGS

Analyzed.  And counting...

"I've had professional golf instruction for years; from the age of 13-19, I sat with a teaching pro who put me on screen on a range and tried their best to point me in the right direction.  What you did to my confidence and comprehension over the ball in virtually two sit-downs easily surpasses all of that instruction."

Parker Ashton



Contact us here for your FREE LESSON as well as any other inquiries or comments you have for us!

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Suite 500


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