"I think we've actually found a way to make golf fun again."

-Jordan Logan, CEO

PureGolf Instruction



Thanks to our state-of-the-art swing analysis, we can help you on all aspects of your game!

Video Analysis

Our video analysis system is one of the most unique in the world.  Thanks to it, we can help our players hit longer and straighter!

Club Fitting

Are your clubs properly fitted to you? Are you interested in buying a new set? We can help!


We use Trackman technology as our onsite launch monitor to help give us the most accurate data available.

Ball Fitting

Is distance important? How about spin around the greens? We can help you determine what is the proper ball for you!  

Virtual Golf

During your lessons, you can play virtual golf on courses throughout the world.


If you can't putt, you're not scoring well.  We can teach you proper fundamentals to improve. We love putting!  

Driving Range

Thanks to Trackman technology, we provide a reliable indoor driving range that is usable in all weather!

We book lessons by appointment only.  Choose any of the available options to contact us for a lesson today!

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