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An Online Academy Where You Are The Focus.


Film your golf swing whenever and wherever you desire.  Send the video to us, we will run our thorough analysis, and return feedback promptly.  


We value you as well as your swing; that's why we don't do video libraries.  Each time you submit a swing, we send you a personalized video specifically addressing your swing.  You deserve individual attention, and you get it with us!


The most cost-effective and convenient instruction option is our online academy.  It comes at a very affordable rate.  We can work with you anywhere in the world to improve your swing.

*Denote a Grand Opening Special.  This price will go up soon!

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Golf Simplified

Golfer's minds are typically cluttered.  We make things simpler and provide you with the easy solution.  Free up your mind, free up your swing!

Full Swing, Short Game,

and Putting

Whatever part of your game needs correction or fine tuning, we can assist you.  PureGolf helps with all parts of your game--not just the full swing!

Handicap Analysis

**If you send us your stats, we will perform our detailed, thorough analysis to help you lower your handicap!

Become Your

Own Coach

When you sign up with us, we educate you on your own golf swing.  Our goal is to enable you to coach yourself in the future.  But when you do need us, we will always be available to help!


All golfers want longevity, and we offer our golfers resources to help them increase fitness! 


**Need to talk to your coach? We are happy to take your call; just schedule a time with us.  The same coach will always take your call!


Video Feedback

We personalize every video to you.  We address your specific issues and work hard to improve your golf game!

Course Analysis

**Have a tournament you're preparing for? We will help you scout the course to the best of our ability, and assist in planning a successful gameplan.

Discounted Lessons

**Whenever you want in-person instruction as well, we will discount our regular onsite rates for you!

** Denotes an offering for PureGolf + Members only. 



The E-Mails We Receive

"I have had professional golf instruction for years; from the age of 13-19, I sat with a teaching pro who put me on screen on a range and tried their best to point me in the right direction.  What you did to my confidence and comprehension over the ball in virtually two sit-downs, easily surpasses all of that instruction."

Parker Ashton

"After playing for the last two years, I found myself hitting a plateau with my swing.  I played what felt like a great round for me, a 92.  I thought if I just played more I could beat that.  The problem was I didn't have a clue how I could be improving my game; then, I signed up for PureGolf Online.  I have been working with them for 4 months now and my game has escalated to a level I didn't think was possible to achieve in such a short amount of time.  The ability to work with a coach from a different state, and on my schedule, has been a monumental help for me."

Matt Drummond

"PureGolf has completely changed my thinking of the golf swing.  The ideas and theories of the swing have gotten more complex over the years, but PureGolf simplifies it.  Over the past 3 years, it has improved my swing and golf game as a whole."

Anon Rowland


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